peep peep wwei wwei, > Eridan: Wander out to the water!
peep peep wwei wwei
> Eridan: Wander out to the water!

> You wander outside of the hive and down to the beach, then wade into the water. You’ve never been in the water anywhere other than by your own hive before -maybe this water is easier to breathe?

> You wade out further until it’s over your head and start swimming. Your gills work just fine at first, while you’re not doing too much. But the harder you swim, the harder it gets to breath, even with the help of your lovely new waterproof wings.

> Eventually you stop in the water and try to catch your breath again.

> It’s hard.

> Harder than normal but that’s probably because you wandered out here while still sick.

> No-one ever said you make smart decisions.